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Lāola Nani - Carefully Crafted with Aloha

Lāola Nani, the newest offering at Timbers Kaua‘i, feature an elevated contemporary style and sweeping ocean views from the two-story townhomes. Our team has worked closely with locally- and family-owned Aspire Furniture to furnish our stunning model homes with inspired design and aloha.


Using thoughtfully chosen all-organic products and botanicals, Nanea Spa at Timbers Kauaʻi invites guests to fully unwind and ease into “lokahi” - the harmony of body and spirit. Entering the new year, we sat down with Spa Manager Kristine Long to discuss upcoming trends for 2024.

The Hōkūala lagoons provide a sanctuary for endangered birds, including the Nēnē goose, Hawai‘i's state bird. During the winter months, we have the opportunity to witness nēnē nesting season.

"Welcome to Breaking Par Destinations: Kaua'i - a golf destination that dances on the edge of reality and dreams. The Garden Isle of Hawaii isn’t just a tourist destination; it's a lush untamed eden, where ancient traditions and modern-living harmonize in a way that's nothing short of mesmerizing."

Timbers Kaua‘i's Food and Beverage Manager, Cory Dotario, is proud to present Nagao or Never – a signature Bourbon created especially for Hualani's, our award-winning restaurant.

Our Timbers Kauaʻi Adventure Guides are ready and waiting to guide you on an adventure of your choice, with new offerings this fall!

We invite you to discover more of the Garden Isle and to enhance your stay with an exciting adventure excursion. Experience tropical 4x4 off road touring at its finest with Kipu Ranch Adventures.

Interior view of a family room layout at Laola Nani residences

As construction continues on our sought-after townhomes, many of our Timbers families are choosing to stay with us by upgrading to these larger homes, designed to complement nature and accommodate the whole family.

Royal Hawaiian Woodwork owner, Leleo Kinimaka, has been putting his mana into Hawaiian native hardwoods for decades, and now has brought his gift of aloha back to where it began.

Who better to ask where the ono grinds are than our local staff? From farm-to-table to casual dining, our concierge has fantastic options for you to taste the flavors of Kauaʻi.