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Timbers Kaua'i Blog

Lāola Nani - Carefully Crafted with Aloha

Lāola Nani, the newest offering at Timbers Kaua‘i, feature an elevated contemporary style and sweeping ocean views from the two-story townhomes. Our team has worked closely with locally- and family-owned Aspire Furniture to furnish our stunning model homes with inspired design and aloha.


Each week, as the sun dips below the horizon, our ‘ohana comes together for a delightful evening of camaraderie and connection, truly embodying the spirit of aloha.

Fresh produce picked from The Farm at Hokuala and packaged into baskets for owners and guests at Timbers Kauai resort

By continually diversifying their crops and integrating native plants, The Farm at Hōkūala not only supports the local ecosystem but also provides an ever-evolving array of fresh, delicious produce.

As the summer trade winds roll in, so do the tantalizing flavors of freshly crafted farm-to-bar cocktails at Hualani’s.

We recently checked in with the Garman 'ohana, uncovering their profound journey and insights into the distinctive ownership experience at Timbers Kaua'i.

Welcome to the Maliulā Residences at Timbers Kaua‘i, a haven where the allure of Hawaiian living intertwines with the comfort of modern luxury.

The highly populared, beloved sport of Pickleball, now has a home at Hōkūala, Kauaʻi with our brand new courts, open to Owners and guests.

In Hawai‘i, we prioritize our relationship with our greatest resource: nature. Discover tips to explore and experience Kaua‘i or another Hawaiian island while respecting the ʻāina and the community that calls it home.

Mahina ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i, or Hawaiian Language Month, celebrated over a decade of observation this past month. Established in 2013, Hawaiian Language Month’s efforts are aimed at resurrecting the often-overlooked language of Native Hawaiians.

A symbol of love and beauty in Hawai‘i, the roselle plant of the hibiscus family is grown right here at The Farm at Hōkūala and lends a beautifully romantic hue to a variety of festive drinks.

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The natural calm, balance, and mana that resonates from the land here at Hōkūala makes it the perfect place for a happy healthy lifestyle. With new fitness activities available, fresh fruits and vegetables grown on the property, and active options to socialize, Hōkūala has all the ingredients to have you feeling your best.

General Manager Chris Gampon highlights memorable moments from his first year at Timbers Kauaʻi and provides a sneak peek at what to expect from the Timbers ‘Ohana for the new year ahead.