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Talk Story with Chris Gampon

We are so happy to welcome our new General Manager, Chris Gampon to the Timbers Kaua‘i at Hōkūala family. Chris was born and raised on Kaua‘i, and joined the team in March of this year. Please join us in a warm aloha and welcome to Chris as we learn more about him in this month’s Talk Story.


Who better to ask where the ono grinds are than our local staff? From farm-to-table to casual dining, our concierge has fantastic options for you to taste the flavors of Kauaʻi.

Following his tenure as Chef de Cuisine, Chef Alex’s promotion to the role of Executive Chef promises to further enhance Hualani’s reputation for delivering innovative, farm-to-table dining. Marked by a vision for celebrating local flavors, global influences, and the joy of shared dining experiences, Timbers Kaua‘i at Hōkūala anticipates an exciting new chapter for Hualani’s restaurant.

The key to any summer salad is fresh ingredients. In this tropical twist on a classic Italian Caprese salad, Chef Alex utilized seasonal offerings to create a refreshing take on a summer salad.

Every Spring, our Timbers Kauaʻi ʻOhana ask when the Poisson Cru will be back on the menu at Hualani’s. Wild Pacific Skipjack tuna is tossed with Hawaiian sea salt, the juice of Tahitian limes from the Farm at Hōkūala, coarsely chopped local vegetables, and freshly squeezed coconut cream

Mandarins are some of the sweetest fruits of the orange family and they are thriving in the sunshine in the organic fruit orchard at The Farm at Hōkūala. These easy to peel, almost seedless and ultra-juicy citrus fruits are the inspiration behind Hualani’s latest freshly squeezed cocktail creation… the Mandarin Gin Fizz!

Recently Chef Alex’s Farm to Table menu at Hualani’s featured savory dishes from Culinary Supervisor Rey Peralta with an amazing dessert from our busser, Jessica Galzote.

The Farm at Hōkūala features a stunning medley of organic greens, vegetables, tropical fruits and edible flowers, and provides Hualani’s with an abundance of fresh ingredients. Among the most cocktail-friendly of The Farm’s latest harvest is liliko‘i, otherwise known as passion fruit.

Recently Chef Alex’s Farm to Table menu at Hualani’s featured a sweet combination, the Hōkūala Honeycomb and Kaua`i Kunana Dairy goat cheese salad.

Thank you to Hualani’s Bartender Matt and Food & Beverage Director, Cory Dotario, for taking our Pom Your Tini (Pomegranate Martini) from a dreamy pink to a Viva Magenta to celebrate the PANTONE Color of the Year 2023 (PANTONE 18-1750.)