Recently Chef Alex’s Farm to Table menu at Hualani’s featured a sweet combination, the Hōkūala Honeycomb and Kaua`i Kunana Dairy goat cheese salad. In an effort to source as many fresh local ingredients possible, the Farm at Hōkūala often partners with fisherman, ranchers, and in this case, dairy farms! But, the honey and honeycomb found in some delectible dishes from Hualani’s is cultivated right here on property at our very own apiary, started in 2018.

The Apiary

Simply put, an apiary is the place where bees and their hives are kept. Those wary of bees need not worry when visiting the Farm at Hōkūala, as our honeybees have close to 17 acres to buzz about. Honeybees thrive in the lush natural surroundings on our organic farm which includes a coconut grove, vegetable, herb, and flower gardens and an abundance of flowering tropical trees in the fruit orchards. The reciprocal relationship between the crops and the honeybees is an important one to maintain, as they are both dependent on each other. The honeybees pollinate the plants, and the thriving plants provide the honeybees their nectar – which in turn becomes Hōkūala Honey. Small batch candles are sometimes made using the wax from the hives as well, and bee balms are created containing the bee propolis and beeswax.

Honey For Health

Our honey is used by Hualani’s for various dishes and cocktails, and the raw honey is also offered as an owner and guest amenity. Hōkūala Honey Mango Jam and Hōkūala Honey Cacao Mac Nut Spread are among the delicious creations forged from the mighty honeybee. As decadent as those sound, raw honey is actually quite good for you.

  • Rich in antioxidants – Honey contains a number of antioxidants, including phenolic acids and flavonoids.
  • Good mood food – Studies suggest that honey might offer antidepressant, anticonvulsant and anti-anxiety benefits.
  • Blood sugar booster – Honey can help balance blood sugar more effectively than regular sugar.
  • Heart health – Honey has been linked to beneficial effects on heart health, including reduced blood pressure and blood fat levels. (Obviously, in small doses.)
  • Cold remedy – Honey has been proven to aid as a cough suppressant, especially when combined with citrus.

The apiary’s goal for 2023 is to expand to 20 hives and to transition to offering more honeycomb in addition to the raw honey for the farm-to-table fare offered at Hualani’s Restaurant every Tuesday evening.

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