Ownership at Timbers Kaua‘i unveils an adventure beyond simple vacation home ownership. The Timbers Kaua‘i experience transcends the every day, offering immersion into a community steeped in the sacred spirit of Aloha and peaceful lōkahi (harmony).

We recently spoke with the Garmans, part of our ‘ohana since 2021, to uncover their profound journey and insights into the distinctive ownership experience at Timbers Kaua‘i.

Tell us about your family and where you are from.

We are from Las Vegas (the 9th island). We are a fun family with all daughters ranging from 16 to 27! Lori is a teacher and Greg is a lawyer.


What drew you to Kaua‘i?

We love the pace, beauty, and people of Kaua‘i. It is hands down the most beautiful of the islands. But we also love the people and pace of life. It is different than the other islands, and definitely more tranquil than the mainland.

How did you first hear about Timbers Kaua‘i?

We first visited with our friends, the Nortons, who were early owners at Timbers Kaua‘i. We kept hearing about how much they enjoyed the island and kept encouraging us to check out how special Timbers Kaua‘i is. We came back with our entire family and knew it was a place we wanted to gather as a family for years to come.


Why did you decide to join the ‘ohana at Timbers Kaua’i?

We all fell in love with Timbers Kaua’i. The Farm, wildlife tours (Al’s bird tour), the pools, and of course the views at Timbers are amazing. But mostly the people at Timbers Kaua’i make it special and like an extended family for us.

view of Maliula residences from the swimming pool

Tell us about the first time you came to your new home.

The first time we visited, Timbers had just opened and there was a tropical storm hitting Kaua‘i with sideways rain and crazy wind. It wasn’t until our second trip that we really got to see the magic of the island and Timbers Kaua‘i. On that second trip with the sun, sand, and golf — we knew we had found the place for us.


What’s the first thing you do when you arrive?

Unpack and go on The Farm tour!


What are your ‘must-do’ activities while on the Garden Isle or at Timbers Kaua‘i?

The beaches are a must! Swimming and seeing turtles at the beach is magical. But hanging out by the pool, and Sunday sundaes are our family favorites.

Aerial view of The Farm at Hokuala, an organic 16.5 acre farm within the Hokuala resort on Kauai

What is your favorite time of year to be on Kaua‘i and why?

Any time, really — there are only beautiful days on Kaua‘i. But if you made us pick… Christmas in Hawai‘i.


Is there anything else you’d like to add about your experience or any advice for those looking to become Owners?

Embrace Timbers. Explore the trails, The Farm at Hōkūala, and activities. Get to know the Timbers family. Try everything. The magic of Timbers Kaua‘i (and the island) is the balance struck between the small intimate setting of the resort and the seemingly endless activities to fill your days.

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