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Talk Story with Chris Gampon

We are so happy to welcome our new General Manager, Chris Gampon to the Timbers Kaua‘i at Hōkūala family. Chris was born and raised on Kaua‘i, and joined the team in March of this year. Please join us in a warm aloha and welcome to Chris as we learn more about him in this month’s Talk Story.


These purposefully-chosen plants were used to sustain navigators on the journey and selected with the intention of propagating crops and preserving culture at their next destination. Canoe crops are now a fundamental part of Hawaii’s intricate ecosystem, culinary scene, medicine, and culture.

Missing the Hawaiian Islands? Try your hand at Hualani’s take on this tasty seafood delight to send your tastebuds to Timbers Kauaʻi.

Hand-crafted by Bartender Matthew Kawamura here at Timbers Kaua‘i, this smooth concoction will give you island vibes any time of year.

Get the dirt on what's planted, what's harvested and what's ahead for the Farm at Hokuala.

Timbers Kaua'i partners with Kōloā Rum Company to host a unique farm-to-grass experience at Hualani's Restaurant.

Summer events you simply can't miss and a behind the scenes talk story with our new Food & Beverage Director, Sean Appel.

For Valentine's Day, Chef Jafet Tellez describes the connection between food and emotion.

The best way to get a taste of Kauai is, well, to actually taste it; the sweet pineapple, the fleshy rich coconuts and a variety of tropical fruits, maybe even a few you’ve never heard of: tangelo, pomelo, cumquat, breadfruit and apple bananas.

Timbers Kaua’i isn’t the typical resort, we certainly have all the frills, but we aren’t frilly. Every moment you spend at your home in paradise should feel like home, and the ritual of mealtime—the breakfasts during which you plan your day, and the dinners spent reminiscing on your adventures—are quintessential to the Timbers Kauai experience.