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Lāola Nani - Carefully Crafted with Aloha

Lāola Nani, the newest offering at Timbers Kaua‘i, feature an elevated contemporary style and sweeping ocean views from the two-story townhomes. Our team has worked closely with locally- and family-owned Aspire Furniture to furnish our stunning model homes with inspired design and aloha.


We are so happy to welcome our new General Manager, Chris Gampon to the Timbers Kaua‘i at Hōkūala family. Chris was born and raised on Kaua‘i, and joined the team in March of this year. Please join us in a warm aloha and welcome to Chris as we learn more about him in this month’s Talk Story.

Kalani Flores with his daughter

Led by our Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner Kalani Flores, the team at Timbers Kauaʻi at Hōkūala aims to connect our sense of place firmly in the culture where it was built. We strive to do everything pono, respecting the land and the ancestors that came before us. With Kalani’s help, our staff is consistently learning more about Hawaiian culture, language, and practices, which we in turn share with our guests.

two people putt on a golf course

The award-winning Jack Nicklaus Signature Ocean Course at Hōkūala is not only the best golf view on the island, but an immersive experience into the culture and history of what makes Kauaʻi so special.

In Hawai‘i, the spirit of aloha and an elevated level of hospitality is the cultural expectation. We at Timbers strive to exceed that expectation by setting the tone for your trip immediately upon arrival. A short drive from the airport, we will be waiting with just the thing to get you acclimated to island life.

Mandarin Gin Fizz cocktail

Mandarins are some of the sweetest fruits of the orange family and they are thriving in the sunshine in the organic fruit orchard at The Farm at Hōkūala. These easy to peel, almost seedless and ultra-juicy citrus fruits are the inspiration behind Hualani’s latest freshly squeezed cocktail creation… the Mandarin Gin Fizz!

The Farm at Hōkūala is a magical place with an apiary buzzing with fresh honey, an organic fruit orchard, a coconut grove, and trees that sprout beans that taste like vanilla ice cream! For this month’s Talk Story, we sat down with our new Farm Manager, Matias Rodriguez, to learn more about him.

Affectionately referred to as the Prince of the People, Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole, or Prince Kūhiō, was born in Kōloa on March 26, 1871. Prince Kūhiō Day is celebrated yearly on March 26.

Explore this birdwatchers' paradise on tour with Alan Silva, Naturalist and Bird Specialist

Recently Chef Alex’s Farm to Table menu at Hualani’s featured savory dishes from Culinary Supervisor Rey Peralta with an amazing dessert from our busser, Jessica Galzote.