Kalani Flores with his daughter

Led by our Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner Kalani Flores, the team at Timbers Kauaʻi at Hōkūala aims to connect our sense of place firmly in the culture where it was built. We strive to do everything pono, respecting the land and the ancestors that came before us. With Kalani’s help, our staff is consistently learning more about Hawaiian culture, language, and practices, which we in turn share with our guests.

Throughout the year we offer a plethora of cultural experiences to accompany the incredible views, sights, and sounds of Hōkūala. To experience our 450-acres of vibrant, lush ʻāina is culturally immersive in itself, with endangered avian species thriving here, and the bountiful land providing a cozy home for some of Kauaʻi’s most cherished and nutritious plant species. Oftentimes held outdoors, and one with the land, these experiences have been curated to help visitors leave with a profound feeling of aloha after spending time with us.

Cultural Experiences

Hula Lessons

Hula is so much more than a dance here in Hawai’i, it is an expression of aloha and a tool for storytelling. Hula lessons are a great way to connect with the ancient traditions of Hawai’i.  Come and learn the ‘ami, ‘uwehe, and slide with our wonderful Kumu Hula Wailana.

Hula Kahiko and Torch Lighting

In ancient Hawai’i, Hula Kahiko was used to honor the akua or gods. Come and enjoy the traditional form of ancient hula which integrates torch lighting, chants, and traditional instruments. You will not want to miss this special performance.

ʻUkulele Lesson

The sound of slack guitar and the ‘ukulele has long become synonymous with an authentic Hawaiian experience. Enjoy a fun and lively introduction to the sounds of Hawaiʻi as you learn the basics of how to play the ‘ukulele, and learn a bit of history along the way.

Hui Aloha Sunrise Huakaʻi

Every Tuesday at sunrise, we invite guests to experience the property from a new perspective…by golf cart! Guides take guests on an approximately two-hour golf cart ride throughout the property, where they will learn the history of the ʻāina (land) and gain a new understanding of this sacred place while enjoying the sights, sounds, and mana of Hōkūala. Visit the Farm at Hōkūala, drive through the enchanted forest of mango grove and listen to ancient Hawaiian stories about the area. *Golf cart seats 2.

Lei Making Workshop

Lei making is such a special experience here in Hawaii. It is a physical representation of aloha, and intended to emote a feeling of welcoming, love, and appreciation. Oftentimes, locals will wear leis to commemorate a special event, like a birthday, graduation, wedding, or the like. Craft a colorful lei for yourself or someone you love, under the guidance of local artist Sarah Fields right here on property.

Hawaiian (ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi) Language Class

Hawaiian (ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi) is an official language of the State of Hawai’i along with English. While February is Hawaiian Language Month it is important to preserve and perpetuate the language year round as it celebrates Hawaiʻi’s rich heritage and it is an essential part of the stateʻs history and culture. Here at Timber’s Kauaʻi, we host cultural activities that focus on learning and using the beautiful Hawaiian language throughout the year.

E ʻōlelo kākou! or “let’s speak Hawaiian!”

  • Nā ʻŌlelo Pōkole – Short common Hawaiian phrases
  • Paʻi wikiō pāpaho – Hawaiian word or phrase of the day
  • Ka Pīʻāpā me Ka Hakalama – Hawaiian alphabet & syllabary
  • Hakalama Bingo Game
  • Nā ʻoli – Hawaiian chants
    • ʻoli komo – Kūnihi…
    • ʻoli mahalo – ʻUhola…


Hōkūala Floating Lantern Ceremony – May

This once-a-year event pays tribute to and honors the memory of loved ones. A floating lantern ceremony symbolizes the ability to overcome the loss of loved ones, demonstrate love and commitment with deep gratitude and appreciation, and bring inner peace. Originating in Japanese culture, the ceremony is a time to awaken meaningfulness, hope, and renewal to create a better future.

Makahiki Games – Winter

Makahiki Season is a time of rest, rejuvenation, and celebration during the winter months, marking the beginning of the Hawaiian new year. The season begins according to the stars positioning and typically takes place in late-October or early November and lasts for four months. During this time, we often combine our Sunset Sessions (weekly owner pau hana) with Makahiki Games to celebrate the season.

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