Please note that Nanea Spa is currently closed and undergoing a reimagination. Timbers Kaua‘i offers spa services with curated local therapists – please reach out to our concierge for assistance: 808.647.2879.


Perhaps without knowing, you’ve already been welcomed by Timbers Kaua‘i at Hōkūala upon your arrival to the island. The unforgettable experience of descending onto Kaua‘i includes lush, sculpted mountains glittered with sunshine reflecting off of crystal clear water. A light mist covers the island’s center, pulling you landbound with a warm feeling of welcome. The Ninini Point Lighthouse serves as a beacon–a solitary siren made more majestic by the crashing waves of the Pacific as it meets the shoreline, welcoming descending travelers or those coming home. Whether it’s your first arrival, or your twentieth…touching down on the Garden Isle is likely met with a grateful exhale of all you’ve left behind.

Our 450-acre tropical oasis lies past the lighthouse, between the mountain range and the crashing shoreline. In Hawai‘i, the spirit of aloha and an elevated level of hospitality is the cultural expectation. We at Timbers strive to exceed that expectation by setting the tone for your trip immediately upon arrival. A short drive from the airport, we will be waiting with just the thing to get you acclimated to island life.

Nanea Spa, Kaua‘i’s first organic boutique spa, offers traditional Hawaiian treatments using thoughtfully chosen all-organic products and botanicals, allowing you to fully unwind and ease into lokahi, or the harmony of body and spirit. Spa Operations Supervisor Kristine Long appreciates the taxing journey to paradise and has curated a jet lag package specifically to help transition guests from the sky to the beach. As an experienced esthetician, bodyworker, and wellness specialist, Kristine has curated a Jet Lag Package to help ground your body and spirit into the Garden Isle.

ARRIVAL: Upon arrival, guests will be greeted, given robes, and led to the spa showers to enjoy our in-shower treatments from Mālie Organics, an organic, non-toxic, and locally-sourced Hawaiian brand.

SETTING THE TONE: Next, guests will be offered a foot soak made with Hawaiian sea salt and organic essential oils as they enjoy a freshly brewed, seasonal herbal tea while filling out their paperwork in our lounge. Recently, Nanea offered arriving guests a peppermint and soursop tea, rich in antioxidants and anticancer properties, and sourced right from the Farm at Hōkūala.

SERVICE: Whether you need relaxing rhythmic strokes or slow deep pressure, this Traditional Hawaiian massage combines essential aromatherapy, skilled nurturing hands, heated stones, and a lavish application of CBD Massage oil and Relief Cream prompting your mind to rest and your body to bliss.

AROMATHERAPY: Typically a eucalyptus spray will be incorporated to complement the topical aromatherapy intended to revitalize the senses and dried respiratory passages after a flight. Essential oils are offered as a compliment to the services, and guests are welcome to select their preferred scents from bergamot to geranium or lavender.

TRANSITION: After their service, guests are welcome to enjoy herbal tea, filtered water, and a piece of Hawaiian chocolate as they prepare for their transition outside of the spa.

ALOHA: As a parting gift, guests are given detox bath salts and a dried lavender sachet to enjoy in the privacy of their bathtub. Because the CBD and essential oils used during the service are indeed medicinal, Kristine recommends guests allow the oil to soak into the skin for the remainder of the day for full benefits.

Nanea is committed to doing everything pono. As a Green Certified Spa, Nanea utilizes fresh botanicals from the on-site organic Farm at Hōkūala, in addition to meticulously selected products by their trained team of estheticians. Fittingly, Nanea means “relaxed” in Hawaiian. We are confident that your time at Nanea Spa will provide a full mind, body, and sensory experience, and set the tone for your time on Kaua‘i.