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Talk Story with Thomas Freestone

October 27, 2021

Aloha Kakōu and E Komo Mai to Talk Story, our 5th edition of our blog series in which we sit down and talk story with a different member of the Timbers Kauaʻi ʻOhana. This month we’re speaking to Thomas Freestone, the Director of the Ocean Course at Hōkūala. 

Thomas spent most of his childhood in Alaska and would escape the cold to travel to Hawaii every couple of winters. He has always had a passion for golf and had his first 9 hole game in Kauai. Due to a love of golf, he made it his goal to one day move to Kauaʻi and become a professional golfer. He met with us to answer a few questions about Timbers Kaua’i at Hōkūala. Here are his answers:

What is your “kuleana” (job) at Hōkūala and how long have you been part of the ‘ohana?

On July 5, 2021 I fulfilled a lifelong career goal and became the director of golf of the Ocean Course, Hōkūala. My kuleana is to be a great steward of the golf property and the Timbers Kauai, to serve the ‘Ohana and to ensure that genuine aloha is protected, illuminated and unconditionally shared to our Timbers residents and guests. My goal is to provide the most fulfilling work environment for our entire ‘Ohana. 

In your opinion, what makes Timbers Kaua‘i and the Ocean Course at Hōkūala special or unique?

The ʻOhana, and how they embrace, share, and care for the culture, the land and the spirit of Kaua‘i.

What new fun things are happening at the Ocean Course?

Hui Aloha Huaka’I tour. To hui is a circle or surround. We capture the imagination of our guests by inviting them to enjoy a wonderful tour of our golf course. They are mesmerized by the beauty of Hōkūala but they are awakened to a new practice of life with Aloha. They learn about the culture of the Island, the flora the fauna, the myths the legends. They begin to see a world hiding in plain sight. We give them the tools to embrace the Aloha spirit. We encourage them to share their Aloha as they enjoy Kaua‘i for the rest of their stay. Operation 36 is a great new way to enjoy the game of golf and improve quickly at the skill of the game. We also have our Monday Scramble where you can learn about and play the Ocean Course.

Describe Kaua‘i in one word. 


When not working, what is your favorite hobby? 

Golf, contribution and growth.

What does Aloha mean to you?  

Aloha is like defining a higher power. It is the spirit and loving actions, it is forgiveness, it is the highest level of caring of all things, it is nurturing. Acting with consideration for all known and unknown reactions. Aloha is a power guiding altruistic humility. 

What is your favorite Hawaiian food?


What is a fun fact most people don’t know about you?

 I was born in Muscat, Oman.

Mahalo Thomas for taking the time to talk story with us!

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