Welcome to this month’s Talk Story, a blog series featuring a variety of our beloved Timbers Kaua‘i Team Members. This month we are going to be learning more about our Operations Director of Hōkūala. Carrie Bligh has been at Timbers for about 4 years and is currently overseeing Timbers Kaua‘i, The Hōkūala Club, and the new developments that are coming in the near future.

Carrie grew up right in the heart of the country in St Louis Missouri, which is a little different terrain from Hawaii! Her first job at 16 was as a pool attendant at the Airport Marriott where she learned very quickly that she truly loved taking care of people. Carrie grew up going on lake vacations but never got the opportunity to travel too far from Missouri. When she figured out that she could do what she love in places that she always wanted to travel to, she was immediately hooked on hospitality, which lead her to Timbers Kaua‘i. Below, Carrie shares the impact that Kaua‘i has had on her life.

What is your “kuleana” (job) at Timbers Kaua‘i /Hōkūala and how long have you been part of the ‘Ohana?
I am the Operations Director of Hōkūala and oversee Timbers Kaua‘i, The Hōkūala Club, and operationally the new developments that are coming in the future! I arrived in Kaua‘i in July of 2021 but have been with Timbers for about 4 years.

In your opinion, what makes Timbers Kaua‘i and the Ocean Course at Hōkūala special or unique?
Oh my where do I start?!  We have the perfect combination of breathtaking beauty, culture, and people. When I had my first trip to Timbers Kaua‘i, I arrived at night and I remember watching the sunrise the next morning. It unveiled the most intense beauty that I have ever seen in my travels. What really puts it over the top is the people and the culture. When you truly learn what Aloha means and allow yourself to be wrapped in it, it brings what I can only describe as pure joy.

What new fun things are happening at Timbers Kaua‘i?
We have been working extensively on the Owner experience which brings our Owners together to engage them in the culture and community around the island. We also started our snack socials at Nalu’s. We will also be welcoming Owners to a special Hawaiian blessing ceremony called a Hi’uwai, which is a traditional practice of cleansing or purifying ones-self to embrace new growth. We are also participating in beach cleanups on island to malama the land. We take our Owners on adventure days which bring Owners and team members together where we can share what we love the most about this island and what we do on our off days. It’s all about bringing our ‘Ohana together here!

Describe Kaua‘i in one word.

When not working, what is your favorite hobby?
Vacationing in Kaua‘i!

What does Aloha mean to you?
Growing up in the Midwest I thought “aloha” was hello and goodbye, but it is so much deeper than that. Aloha is used as a greeting because you are sharing the best part of yourself with another, the love, compassion, empathy, and affection.

What is your favorite Hawaiian food?
Manapuas… a pork-filled pillow of deliciousness! And don’t get me started on the malasadas!

What is a fun fact most people don’t know about you?
I’m infatuated by vintage wooden runabouts and tall ships!

Mahalo Carrie for taking the time to talk story with us! Get to know some of our other Timbers Kaua’i ‘Ohana like Thomas Freestone or Matt Kawamura.

To find out what makes Timbers Kaua’i at Hōkūala special, stop by and visit us or give us a call to schedule a private residence tour with a member of our team.