Welcome to this month’s Talk Story, a blog series where we shine the spotlight on one of our team members at Timbers Kauaʻi. This month we are going to be learning more about our Food and Beverage Director, Cory Dotario.

Cory is born and raised here on Kauaʻi. After graduating from Kauaʻi High, Cory went on to attend the Kauaʻi Community College Culinary Arts program. Cory had worked together with Hualani’s current Chef De Cuisine, Alex Amorin, for many years previously and they had often talked about reuniting professionally. It was Chef Alex who suggested that Cory meet with the Operations Director at Timbers regarding a potential position opening up at the restaurant.

“So we set up a sit down to talk story,” Cory explained, and “from the start of the conversation I knew this was the right fit for me.”

The Timbers ‘Ohana agrees this is where he is meant to be. Cory has been with us for the last quarter and has been working on creating a dynamic management team at Hualani’s, including the hiring of his Food and Beverage Manager, Kailani Yamamoto, and Assistant Food and Beverage Manager, Gabrielle Salud.

Read on to get to know more about Cory!

What is your kuleana (job) at Timbers Kauaʻi /Hōkūala and how long have you been part of the ʻOhana?
I am the Food and Beverage Director, and joined the team in September 2022.

In your opinion, what makes Timbers Kauaʻi at Hōkūala special or unique?
The people I get to work with everyday, of course. Oh, and the nēnē goose that chases me in parking lot has a special place in my heart. The sunrises, spotting whales, and getting to do what I love (which is being creative with Hualani’s.)

Describe Kauaʻi in one word.

What are you most proud of?
I have two beautiful daughters, Kayla and Sadie.

When not working, what is your favorite hobby?
Bodyboarding, jiu-jitsu and donʻt laugh… but I love playing Call of Duty.

What does aloha mean to you?
Aloha to me is a feeling you share with someone. It’s more than just saying it as a greeting.

What is your favorite Hawaiian food?
Da lau lau

As F&B Director, can you speak to what makes Hualani’s unique?
Well, I feel what makes Hualani’s unique is our ability to play with quality ingredients in both the kitchen and at the bar. Coming from a corporate restaurant background I was always tied to a standardized menu and buying program. Here, we get to work with farmers, fishermen, and ranchers to get the best local produce available.

What is a fun fact most people don’t know about you?
I was named best dancer my senior year in high school.

What is your favorite farm-to-glass cocktail served at Hualani’s?
Our newest drink, the Lilikoʻi Mule.

As we kick off 2023, what are you most looking forward to with food & beverage?
The continued growth of our staff and smiles on our guests’ faces.

Mahalo Cory for taking the time to talk story with us!

To find out what makes Timbers Kaua’i at Hōkūala special, explore our ownership opportunities or call to schedule a private residence tour.