With Timbers from it’s start in 2018, our concierge extraordinaire Alyssa Olea is now our Residence Club Manager.

“In all of my years in hospitality, I’ve never seen any company bring together the diversity of people in one place like Timbers.”

Alyssa Olea is no stranger to hospitality, or to the Timbers ‘Ohana for that matter! After studying  hospitality and tourism at Kaua‘i High, Alyssa moved on to study both subjects at Kaua‘i Community College as well. Her first job was at Duke’s Canoe Club, right down the road on Kalapakī Bay. This was a fantastic introduction to hospitality, as the staff is encouraged to “serve with aloha,” which became a mantra for Alyssa in her professional life. After working as an activities coordinator at Koa Kea on Kaua‘i’s southside, Alyssa made her way to Timbers in June of 2018. 

Watching Timbers grow in both staff and in physical structure from the ground up only enhanced her love for the hospitality industry. After a short relocation to the Ritz-Carlton in Lake Tahoe, Alyssa returned home, and back to Timbers right before the pandemic hit in 2020. Alyssa appreciates how Timbers is run as a company, with a focus on the well-being of employees being at the forefront. “Everyone is ‘Ohana. HR and management do a great job of creating a healthy and thriving work environment and strong relationships,” she explained, “and the Timbers experience and Timbers touches are so much more than an aesthetic.”

As a concierge, Alyssa loves connecting with owners and guests that decide to come experience Kaua‘i. She prides herself on establishing a rapport and connection with each and every guest. To her, this is not just a job, but a genuine connection with others.  In her new role as Residence Club Manager, Alyssa remains with the guest services team, but works more closely with sales more directly with owners, which she loves.

Alyssa was kind enough to sit down with us to Talk Story and share her thoughts with us. Get to know Alyssa a bit more below:

In your opinion, what makes Timbers Kaua‘i at Hōkūala special or unique?
Hōkūala is special because it’s certainly a place where people come together to connect, enjoy, and make lifelong memories with one another. Our owners don’t just come to vacation, they come back to Timbers Kauaʻi to be home with their friends and family, to enjoy each passing day with drinks and sunsets surrounded by those they love. There’s nothing like the “Timbers touch” at Hōkūala!

Working directly with guests and owners is part of your every day as Residence Club Manager. What about your job do you find the most fulfilling within those relationships?
What I love the most about my job as the Residence Club Manager is that I get to show our owners how to maximize their ownership and see all the amazing benefits they receive from being a Timbers owner! With my role, I can guide them to being able to visit other Timber’s properties that they’ve been wishing to visit, I can help them plan their weeks accordingly to match up with a special event they’ve been excited about such as a family reunion, birthday celebration, or a wedding anniversary! I also get a chance to connect with each owner directly to get to know them and their family and the more we see each other, the better understanding we have for each other, and I appreciate that.

What are some owner events that are coming up that you are particularly excited about?
Our exclusive owners’ Sunset Session on Wednesday is such a wonderful event to get our owners and team members to connect with one another. Especially when we have new guests and owners on property, we love to welcome them with open arms and introduce them to our Timbers ‘Ohana while we watch sunset, listen to live music, with drinks in our hands, and love and laughter in the air! Another activity that we’re putting a new vibe on is our owners’ Thursday Waves! We typically set up at the beach with a pop-up tent, beach chairs, boogie boards, and stand-up paddleboards, and our activities team cooks up a great BBQ lunch and provides drinks for a fun day out in the sun!

Describe Kauaʻi in one word.
Serendipity, because on  Kauaʻi you find beauty and peace without looking for it.

What is your favorite hobby or pastime when not working?
I love spending time at the beach with my family and traveling to new places! 

Being in hospitality, what does aloha mean to you?
I’ve been in hospitality for many years. I’ve grown to become passionate about the hospitality industry and have always moved forward with grace and aloha every day. “Aloha” means much more than just a word; it embodies the spirit of welcoming, warmth, and genuine care for guests. It represents a commitment to treating those you encounter with kindness, respect, and a sense of connection, creating a memorable and positive experience for years to come.

What is your favorite Hawaiian food?
This one is hard! There are so many great foods! I would have to go with Shoyu Chicken! 

Where is your favorite spot on property?
The balcony at the main lobby! I’ve had so many great conversations with our guests over coffee while watching the sunrise in the morning on the balcony. The main lobby is also where the action happens. We get to welcome our guests to Timbers Kauaʻi with the most extravagant view of all time!

What is a fun fact most people donʻt know about you?
I am a mom to a 3-year-old toddler, Liam! I also love photography and taking pictures on my Canon.

What do you hope people take with them after a guest experience at Timbers?
I hope those that come to experience Timbers take home the aloha we spread; to give love and peace to the world is irreplaceable and they carry the aloha spirit with them everywhere they go so that a piece of Kauaʻi stays with them for a lifetime. I hope they remember the beauty and the nature of Kauaʻi as a whole and appreciate the lush surroundings all around the island.

Mahalo nui loa to Alyssa for sharing her story! Learn more on Timbers experiences here.