As spas shift to blend science-based and holistic treatments, spa-goers are in for some new and exciting trends in the coming year.

Nanea Spa is Kaua‘i’s first organic boutique spa offering traditional Hawaiian treatments. Using thoughtfully chosen all-organic products and botanicals, they allow guests to fully unwind and ease into lokahi – the harmony of body and spirit. With specialized treatments for jet lag and tailored services to meet each client’s particular needs, the green-certified spa has thrived with a combination of herbal remedies and high-quality aesthetician-approved products.

Entering the new year, we sat down with Spa Manager Kristine Long to discuss upcoming trends for 2024.

Herbal Remedies and Life Sciences

If you’ve visited us at the spa, you have likely been welcomed with an herbal tea, home-brewed with fresh herbs harvested on the property at The Farm at Hōkūala. Going into the new year, we hope to continue to utilize locally grown medicinal herbs and plants to bring our clients a full mind, body, and sensory experience. “The use of tried and true cultural treatments with a focus on wholesome spa ingredients and herbal remedies is another way of returning to nature,” Kristine explained.

At the core of upcoming wellness trends lies a common thread: connectivity. The connection to self—mind, body, spirit—and others holds a constant place in the wellness field, and rightfully so. By connecting on a deeper level with the world around us, we are allowing ourselves an elevated sense of peace by coexisting in harmony with ourselves and others. With that in mind, here are some trending wellness practices for 2024:

Indigenous Native American Healing Traditions

In traditional allopathic systems of care, health is defined more by physical condition and mental capabilities, whereas in Native American culture, the two are more directly linked. With this thought in mind, Native American healing traditions include a deeper connection to not only the individual but the larger collective. Native American (NA) traditional healing is identified by the National Institutes of Health/National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) as “a whole medical system that encompasses a range of holistic treatments used by indigenous healers for a multitude of acute and chronic conditions or to promote health and wellbeing.” The idea of “walking in beauty” as a connection to ourselves and each other sits at the forefront of these healing practices, not dissimilar to Native Hawaiians’ connection to all living things.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Based in Indian culture, the Ayurveda treatment is a purification process that begins from the inside out. To begin, a special diet is required to rid the body of toxins, followed by naturally-based herbal remedies, massage, yoga, and other efforts to purify the body. Again, the concept of interconnectedness lies at the basis of this practice as well as rebalancing the body (prakriti), and life forces (doshas) for optimum physical and mental health.

Lāʻau lapaʻau

Lāʻau lapaʻau is the traditional medicinal practice of Native Hawaiians. Passed down from generation to generation, the use of medicinal plants and herbs is still a common practice in Hawaiʻi. These natural remedies are thought to reset and revive the body as a result of internal imbalance. Native Hawaiian healing is holistically based and focuses on ridding the body of ailments or illness by rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit. When those three things are balanced correctly, the body is in optimal shape to thrive.

Medicinal Mushrooms

If you’ve caught the Netflix documentary Fantastic Fungi, you may have heard about the amazing healing power of mushrooms. Used both topically and as a superfood, mushrooms have been proven to improve sleep, regulate mood, assist in boosting gut health, immunity, and overall skin health. Sign me up!

“Over the last couple of years, mycological research has determined mushrooms such as Reishi, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Chaga, and Cordyceps to have valuable nutrients and bioactive compounds high in antioxidant properties supporting brain performance, mental, and physical stress to name a few,” Kristine explained, “We currently offer a Snow mushroom and Reishi facial masque as part of our detoxifying deep pore facials.”

Dive deeper into wellness—book a treatment at Nanea Spa today. We can’t wait to meet you on your wellness journey.

Nanea Spa at Timbers Kaua‘i is committed to doing everything pono. They are Green Spa Certified by Eminence Organics Skin Care and utilize fresh, organic botanicals from The Farm at Hōkūala, grown just steps from our door, in addition to meticulously selected products by a trained team of estheticians. Together, your time at Nanea Spa will provide a full mind, body, and sensory experience.