We interviewed Ryan and Jill Seare, who have been a part of our ʻohana since October, 2020.

Tell us about your family and where you are from.
Aloha, we are the Seare’s. My Name is Ryan, my wife Jill and our 4 Kids, Calvin (15) Claire (13) Chloe (10) and Ridd (5). Jill and I are ready to celebrate our 20th anniversary next year. We are from the High Mountains of Utah, and we live in a little city called Midway, (just outside Park City). We love to recreate in our Mountain Valley. Our favorite activities are snow skiing, trail running, mountain biking- road cycling, SUP on the lake, horseback riding and hiking.

What drew you to Hawaii and/or Kauaʻi?
Jill and I came on our honeymoon to Kauaʻi almost 20 years ago and something connected us to the Island the moment we arrived. For us it was more than the beautiful scenery or the wonderful climate. It was the way we felt when we breathed. It was a spiritual experience.

On that trip and each time, we have come back we have felt a higher connection to divinity and to the people who live in Kauaʻi. We have tried to get back to Kauaʻi 1-3 times per year ever since our first visit in 2002. As a family we refer to the island as our Sacred Place. It sounds a little corny but its true! We love the people who live on the island full time, and we have always felt respect for them welcoming us each time we come. We understand that there are mixed emotions from the locals each time a plane full of tourists’ land. We want to add to their lives and not take away from them. We remember these people when we pray as a family, and we are grateful that we have them in our lives. We have many people that we look forward to seeing each time we visit, and we love our Kauaʻi Family.

How did you first hear about Timbers Kaua’i?
Nearly every time we come to Kauaʻi, we stay on the property that is now known as the Timbers Property. We watched in anticipation when we saw the new Timbers buildings start to take shape. We were a little nervous about what was going to happen to our special spot, and he hoped that we would still be able to enjoy all the beauty at the lagoons. I remember walking over to the information center in 2017 and thinking how cool it was going to be.

Why did you decide to purchase at Timbers Kaua’i?
We stayed at the Marriott Kauai Lagoons a few times after the opening of Timbers, but we never thought much about purchasing. Then in October of 2020 Jill and I came over for a trip with just the two of us. We had been in contact with Chris and he invited us to stay at the Timbers so we figured why not. By the end of the trip we fell in love with the staff and vibe at Timbers. We signed contracts the last day of our visit to purchase a 1/12 residential interest.

Tell us about the first time you came to your new home at Timbers Kaua’i.
Just 2 months later we came back with our kids and spent Christmas in our new home. It was during the mandatory 10 quarantine but that did not dampen our enjoyment. Our kids loved that trip! We ended up staying 4 weeks and it will be one of the fondest memories that Jill and I will cherish.

Because of Covid we had the chance to step away from our busy lives and enjoy this time together while celebrating Christmas and the New Year. As soon as we checked in the staff made arrangements to get us a Christmas tree and decorations so that we felt the holiday spirit in our new home. During our Quarantine we assigned each of our kids a day or two and they were in charge of planning activities on the property to keep us active. We made the kids work with “ActiviDave” to plan activities. We Kayaked, paddle boarded, rode bikes, learned about how chocolate is made, made lei’s, swam, walked the trails, played volley ball, enjoyed making meals in our home and celebrated the meaning of Christmas for us. It was the best quarantine I could have ever asked for. On our last couple days we had our Coconut Tree Planting ceremony and it was the perfect way to end our month.

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive?
As a family we have a ritual of breathing in Aloha when we get off the plane. We fill our lungs with the Spirit of aloha, and we always talk about how great the spiritual re-set is for our hearts and minds. Then of course we go to Safeway and Costco to buy all of our favorite foods. (Mostly junk food!)

Jill and I love the jogging trails around the property. We run each morning while we are on the island. Our kids love the beach but especially Brennecke’s. They could play in the waves at that beach all day. They also love Hideaways beach up north. We just took surfing lessons and we are excited to get better!

When is your favorite time of the year to be in Kaua’i and why? We love to visit the island during the cold Utah Winter months but especially the time between Thanksgiving and New Years. We love the traditions that we have celebrating these holidays on our favorite Island. We have spent many Thanksgiving days in Kauaʻi and lots of time during December leading up to Christmas.

I laugh every time I think about my kids jumping off anything and everything into the pools at Timbers Kaua’i. They told me that they think that Timbers Kauaʻi is the coolest place ever because there is not a rule about jumping off the rock walls into the pool!

Anything else you’d like to add about your experience with Timbers Kauaʻi? We love our Timbers ʻohana!

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