At Timbers Kauai – Ocean Club & Residences, our central location in Hokuala and knowledgeable adventure guides make exploring the Garden Isle’s natural bounty as convenient as it is effortless.

In the same amount of time it takes to venture from Hokuala to Poipu’s sunny beaches, you can just as easily be hiking through a tropical rainforest on the North Shore. With the help of a handpicked collective of local experts, our team will happily facilitate your adventure however you define it.

This month, we’re showcasing a family- and couples-friendly private kayak tour right on property. The comfortable, convenient and relaxed way to explore the protected lagoons surrounding Hokuala will appeal, too, to couples celebrating romance this February (and year-round) at Timbers Kauai.

“It is landscaped throughout and has beautiful sunsets—just a tranquil, romantic ride,” said David Nagao, Timbers Kauai Association Director.

Manmade and completed in 1987, the lagoons dotting the 450-acre Hokuala resort landscape feature over 35 surface-acres of waterways surrounded by the award-winning Ocean Course at Hokuala, resort development and thoughtful, indigenous landscaping.

Ideal for paddlers of all skill levels, the tour features exceptional birding opportunities: The lagoons and areas surrounding them have become a habitat for multiple endangered waterbirds, such as the Nene bird. (Keep your eyes peeled for our feathered ohana.)

Beneath the mild waters, large grass carp, silver grass carp, blue gill, large-mouth bass, catfish, tiger-stripe tilapia, golden tilapia, golden and multicolored koi coexist within the roughly 10-feet deep lagoons. Slow down and peer below your paddle: You might catch a glimpse.

“Paddling is an amazing way to slow your pace to match that of the islands,” said Timbers Kauai unofficial Chief Adventure Officer Dave Burden Jr. “This allows you to focus not only on the beauty of your surroundings but also enjoy quality time with the ones you love.”

To book the kayak tour, please contact the Concierge at 808.320.7400.

Additional Details
$55 per person