Every Tuesday at sunrise, Timbers Kaua‘i at Hōkūala invites guests to experience the property from a new perspective… by golf cart! Guides take guests on an approximately two-hour golf cart ride throughout the property, where they will learn the history of the ʻāina (land) and gain a new understanding of this sacred place while enjoying the sights, sounds, and mana of Hōkūala.


Timbers Kaua‘i is situated at Hōkūala or “rising star.” The name references the stars that ancient Polynesians wayfinders used to discover Kaua‘i. The property offers a rare and delicate balance between adventure and serenity, discovery and accessibility, luxury and authenticity, and most importantly, a connection with the land. We like to think that Hōkūala unites us all in the discovery and celebration of the island, its culture, and its people.

Hui –  To circle around or gather

Aloha – A way of living with unconditional love and respect for everything and everyone around you

Huaka’i –  An enlightening adventure


Hui Aloha Huaka’i tours are a truly immersive, authentic experience for visitors to the Garden Isle. The tours offer visitors a peek “behind the scenes” of luxury resort living, and feel a deeper connection to nature. Some highlights of the tour you can expect to enjoy include:

  • Miles of incredible ocean views, framed by Mt. Hāʻupu
  • Winding walking and biking trails with lush tropical foliage (17 miles in total!)

The Hui Aloha Huaka’i tour aims to connect visitors with the magic of the place we call home. We hope the aloha spirit fills you as they explore this special place. Hawaii’s culture and history is deeply ingrained in our purposeful development, and we are sure you will gain a new perspective by the end of our journey together. The spirit of aloha we share with you is yours to pass along long after your time with us.


The Hui Aloha Huaka’i tour begins at the golf shop at 6:30 AM on Tuesday mornings.

$125 for 2 people (includes a golf cart)

$69 for 2 Owners (includes a golf cart)

Reservations required.

Call the Ocean Course at 808.241.6000 to reserve your spot today!