After 22 years in hospitality, Kevin Geanides—who joined the team at Timbers Kauai almost a year ago—can handle whatever unexpected challenge is thrown at him: He’s worked in every facet of the business, from the kitchen to front of house and management. He turned out to be the perfect fit for Timbers Kauai, so after coming on board to help set up operations, he stayed on full-time as General Manager.

“I fell in love with this project, what we’re creating and I really believe in it,” he says. “As proud as I am for what our team has accomplished, where we’re headed is really exciting to me.”

Looking Ahead: The Ultimate Guest Experience

Geanides’s focus now is to continue curating  a one-of-a-kind experience for Owners and guests that reflects the aloha spirit that makes the island of Kauai such a special place: “We’re so centrally located on the island that our guests can go anywhere, and we have the ability to curate these special experiences for them,” he says. “We have a dedicated adventure team and we are working on creating programming that is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. It’s not just about pointing people in the right direction or telling them where to go but about making sure every experience is a special one from start to finish.”

The Farm at Hokuala

Geanides is especially proud of the Farm at Hokuala, which he says is beyond anything he’s seen at any other property. “People talk about farm-to-table, but I’ve never seen anything to this level. This isn’t a garden; it’s a full-fledged farm. It’s unbelievable what Farmer Cody has been able to produce, even since I arrived 10 months ago.” Plans are underway to build a hale, an on-site venue for everything from tastings and dinners to weddings and special farming classes. “This structure will provide more opportunities,” he says. “The possibilities are endless and super exciting.”

Building Relationships: The Ultimate Owner Experience

“Now that we’ve been open for a year, I’ve already been able to see guests who have come back five or six times already so we’re able to develop relationships with them,” he says. “The goal is to be a model steward of the community and to continue to refine that experience and develop these relationships to produce those memories year after year. One of our owners brought their seven-week-old baby and I realized, ‘Wow, I’m going to be able to watch that child grow up.’ That’s what it’s all about.”