Reasons to Choose Fractional Ownership

Find a Kauai vacation home that you can pass down through generations, where luxury living is affordable, and ownership is truly effortless. Residence Club Ownership at Timbers Kauai, also known as fractional ownership, offers an abundance of attractive benefits. From lower costs to increased flexibility, discover why more homeowners are choosing fractional ownership when searching for their home in Hawaii.

Maximum Utilization of Real Estate

Buying a home in Kauai is hassle-free when you choose an undivided deeded real estate purchase. Fractional home ownership means a guaranteed amount of vacation time at your home each year in addition to unlimited access based on availability. With various fractional interests to choose from, maximize your Kauai real estate ownership and ensure it never goes to waste when you’re not there.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Fractional ownership is a more affordable option when purchasing a home at Timbers Kauai. Starting as low as $465,000, buyers pay only a fraction of the cost for a fully furnished oceanfront residence. In addition to a lower purchasing price, operating costs including property taxes and utilities are shared among homeowners.

Ownership at Timbers Kauai also includes maintenance, housekeeping, and landscaping professionally provided by Timbers Resorts. You’ll never have to worry about upkeep in your home.

Flexibility to Own in Multiple Real Estate Markets

Lower costs also comes with an increased flexibility to invest in other real estate markets and destinations. Fractional ownership can allow you to purchase multiple fractional interests, diversifying your investment and giving you more vacation options to choose from. Feel at home no matter where you go.

Bequeath Ownership Through Generations

One of the best parts of owning real estate in Kauai is the ability to spend time with family and create new memories among our 450 resort acres. Bequeath your undivided real estate purchase to your children, or whomever you choose, and enjoy your Hawaii vacation home for generations to come.

Timbers Reciprocity Program

A unique benefit of fractional ownership at Timbers Kauai is the Timbers Reciprocity Program. Trade your time in Kauai to experience other Timbers destinations across the world from Vail, Colorado to Tuscany, Italy and beyond.

Timbers Kauai Owner Privileges & Amenities

Whether you choose fractional or whole ownership at Timbers Kauai, all owners have access to five-star amenities such as oceanfront dining and a full-service spa. You’ll also enjoy effortless living in Kauai with complimentary airport transportation, a personal concierge and so much more with access to exclusive owner privileges.

Learn more about owning real estate in Kauai by reading our real estate buying guide or contact us to speak with a real estate representative.