Our “Be Aloha” series was inspired by our advocacy partners, Aloha Movement. Each month, we bring to you the lessons and interpretations of Aloha from the people who live it every day.

David and Colette Nagao have been married for 27 years. The pair are a part of the Timbers Kauai ohana and work closely with each other. David, the Hokuala Community Association Director and Colette, Guest Services Manager practice the art of Aloha each day of their lives.

For Colette, Aloha means “love, compassion and respect for others.” She embodies the Aloha spirit and promotes the ideals of this ancient practice with the Timbers staff, owners and guests.

For David, Aloha has a deeper, ancient and powerful meaning. “Aloha has such a majestic meaning that it is more valuable than gold. It means love and care. Hawaiian cultural meaning in old Hawaii was really more than just hello and goodbye as we commonly use today. It was more of care and a presence of the divine. “

“It’s about really embracing it. Having Aloha for each other: the love, the compassion, the forgiveness and definitely humility. “

Aloha can invoke different emotions in everyone and the meaning is relative and deeply personal. For David, the phrase “Be Aloha” means “staying humble, stay caring, stay loving and also sharing that with everyone you meet”.

How do you share and live your Aloha?

The Aloha Movement thrives on community and global support. If you feel that warmth of Aloha in your heart, share it by donating to this incredible organization. The seeds of love we plant today will nourish our communities for years to come.