“Aloha has become a very universal word, heard all around the world. But what does this word mean beyond the greeting we so often hear?” asks Lahela Chandler Correa, co-founder of Aloha Movement Kauai in the forward of the “Aloha: What it Means to My ‘Ohana.” This book, based on Correa’s life lessons of Aloha and written for elementary school children by Aloha Movement co-founder Ann Hettinger, has been used for curriculum in local public schools and expanded into three editions for lower elementary, upper elementary and adult. It outlines 14 different meanings of Aloha and how these lessons can be applied in everyday life. “It doesn’t matter if you are white, black, blue or green, I believe we all have Aloha,” Correa writes. “Aloha is considered the gift of the Hawaiian people to the world.”

Timbers Kauai is proud to partner with Living Aloha to share this insight into local tradition and culture with our residents, guests, and friends.

Aloha is Sharing

The meaning of sharing: Living your life without greed and with the spirit of spreading aloha and goodwill through considerate gestures, behavior and thoughts with people around you.

Sharing as expressed in everyday life: When you go fishing, feed your ‘ohana (family), then share the rest of the i‘a (fish) you catch with your hoaloha (friend).

What sharing means to you: “The aloha spirit is sharing, it’s caring. From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, we are going to share the beauty of the island with you. We will take you by the hand and share our harvest from the farm, the best snorkeling spots and hidden waterfalls. But it’s the people here at Timbers Kauai who you are going to want to share your lives with. Not only today and tomorrow but for many years to come.” Gary Moore, Managing Director

“Since I came to Kauai almost a year ago, people have welcomed me with open arms. They have welcomed me into their homes, their families and their communities. I think that’s the definition of aloha as sharing: making others feel welcome by teaching them about what makes Kauai so special. That’s exactly what we want to do for our guests. We want them to feel welcome; we want them to feel good; we want them to feel at home; we want them to understand what makes Kauai so special. What aloha as sharing makes me think of is how to pay it forward. Luckily, in my job, I get to do that every single day.” Kevin Geanides, General Manager