Aloha and a hui hou to my Kauai ‘Ohana! I’m headed off for a heck of an adventure – and I want to take you with me! For the next year or so I’m going to be exploring the world with some great friends. By the time I return to Timbers Kaua‘i in 2023, the plan is to have been around the world, visited all 7 continents, traveled by plane, bike, boat, rail, trail, and road, and have met some incredible people and seen amazing sights along the way.

For some of these adventures, I’ll have members of our Timbers  Kaua‘i ‘Ohana with me. For others, I’ll be scouting out places for our next Timbers Kaua‘i Owners field trip! Please come back to check the Timbers Kaua‘i blog as I report in from around the globe.

If you have places you’ve always wanted to see or know of spots that we absolutely should not miss, please use the comments section as a place to let us know where you think we should go. You can be as vague as “Africa!” or as specific as “My friend Johaan has an amazing little restaurant in the town of Anjabe in Northern Madagascar – You HAVE to go see him!” We’re looking to all of you to help us make the world a smaller place (it’s a LOT to try to see in a year.)

A lifetime of adventure and exploration brought me to Kaua‘i. Our incredible community of Owners and staff at Timbers have helped to make the island my home. Now that I have set my roots on Kaua‘i, I am excited to continue to venture out and see what the rest of the world has to show us, and then return home to share what I’ve learned.

Mahalo nui loa to all of my Kaua‘i ‘Ohana. I’ll be sharing your incredible spirit of aloha as I meet new friends, open new doors, and discover new experiences around the world. I hope that my stories help inspire you to take a step toward that adventure just outside your back door – or around the world.

Stay tuned for more from Adventure Dave next month!