Aloha is Kindness

The meaning of kindness: to show compassion, caring and generosity from the pu’uwai (heart).

Kindness as expressed in everyday life: When you’re out for a stroll or pass someone in the halls that you don’t know, smile and say “Aloha” to others. Or give a genuine compliment to brighten someone’s day.

What kindness means to you: “Being a local here, being born and raised on Kauai, I want to show off my island to everyone. I want people to feel like they are at home. First thing when you land off the plane, you can just relax. We will do everything for you.

Anyone can practice aloha anywhere you are. It’s just smiling at a stranger or saying “Aloha” even if you’re not in Hawaii. Just say “Aloha” and that goes a long way.” – Jessica Soriano, Front Desk Concierge at Timbers Kauai