Farm at Hokuala

Farmer Cody Meyer oversees the Farm at Hokuala and has been transforming the once overgrown golf course into a bountiful fruit orchard and organic vegetable garden. The Farm at Hokuala is a beautiful landscape with everything from greens, fruits and vegetables to edible flowers, pineapples and 12 traditional Hawaiian canoe plants like kalo, noni and breadfruit. Beyond supporting our restaurant, bar and spa with fresh ingredients, the Farm also aims to promote conservation, agri-education in our local community and to serve as the cornerstone of our Ahupua’a (village), making our roots here even stronger.

“Hawaiians believe that life on this island came from a higher power and I believe that, too. It’s not just planting a seed and picking it and eating it. There’s a deepness to growing food. It’s what connects you to this Earth.” – Farmer Cody