Fresh produce picked from The Farm at Hokuala and packaged into baskets for owners and guests at Timbers Kauai resort

The Farm at Hōkūala continues to bloom with vibrant life and flavors, offering an ever-expanding variety of fresh produce and culinary delights. The farm’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and local food production is reflected in its continuous innovation and dedication to growing a diverse range of plants.

Anticipating the Sweetness of Mangos and Lilikoi

As the warm Hawaiian sun nourishes the land, mangos and lilikoi, or passion fruit, are almost ready to harvest. These tropical fruits, with their rich, juicy flavors, are soon to be ripe for picking. The fruits will be featured prominently in the Hōkūala farm baskets and delivered fresh to Hualani’s restaurant, the signature restaurant at Hōkūala renowned for its farm-to-table dining experience.

Fresh mangos on from The Farm at Hokuala.

Expanding the Native Garden

The farm’s native garden has recently undergone a significant expansion, reflecting Hōkūala’s deep respect for the island’s indigenous flora. New additions include the hardy naupaka and the fragrant pōhinahina, native species that thrive in Hawaii’s unique climate. These plants not only contribute to the biodiversity that keeps the farm thriving, but also play a crucial role in preserving the natural heritage of the Hawaiian islands.

Aerial view of the Farm at Hokuala

Introducing the Dragon Fruit Garden

In a move that promises to delight both Owners and visitors, The Farm at Hōkūala is in the process of establishing a pãniniokapunahou, or dragon fruit, garden. Known for its striking appearance and subtly sweet taste, dragon fruit is a nutrient-rich addition to the Hōkūala’s array of produce, adding a splash of color and a burst of flavor to farm baskets.

Dragon fruit at The Farm at Hokuala

Farm-to-Table at Hualani’s

Hualani’s continues to elevate its dishes with the freshest ingredients sourced directly from the farm. Recently, the culinary team has been incorporating edible moringa and nasturtium flowers, rosemary, bay leaves, and guavas into their menu, enhancing their culinary offerings with the unparalleled flavor of farm-fresh ingredients. Each ingredient is carefully selected to complement the seasonal dishes, ensuring a dining experience that is both innovative and true to the island’s bounty.

Embracing Sustainability and Flavor

The Farm at Hōkūala embodies a harmonious blend of sustainability and culinary excellence. By continually diversifying their crops and integrating native plants, the farm not only supports the local ecosystem but also provides an ever-evolving array of fresh, delicious produce. Whether you’re savoring the fruits of their labor at Hualani’s or enjoying a basket of farm-fresh greens and herbs, The Farm at Hōkūala invites you to taste the difference that sustainable farming makes.