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An Invitation from Timbers Kauai to Your Co-Branded Marketing Site

Refer with peace of mind. We offer a third-party platform Clearview Elite, designed to protect your leads and promote transparency. By signing up for the program, you may represent Timbers Kauai directly to your network with a beautiful, curated website represented only by you.

  • The website features a smart form that automatically sends new lead inquiries to you and Timbers Kauai and provides first-touch information to start the conversation.
  • Feel free to use your own email platform or Clearview’s email functionality to upload and send leads custom emails with your Clearview website.
  • You can also add your Clearview site to your own website or share it on social platforms.

Earn a referral commission of 1.5% of the final contracted sale price.

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By signing up for this program, you may represent Timbers Kaua’i directly to your network with a beautiful property website represented only by you. This website has a smart form that automatically and simultaneously sends new lead inquires to you and Timbers Kaua’i. Total transparency!

Get started in just a few simple steps:

1. Register for Your Clearview Website

Register for Clearview

2. Update Your Profile

Once you have registered, simply visit Account –> Profile and add your photo, logo and bio. Then you’re all done!

Of course, at any time feel free to email us [email protected] for assistance in getting set up. Or, if you’re just really busy send us a note and we’ll do it for you. 

2. Start Promoting!

You now have your own personal Timbers Kaua’i website.

Go to the Presentations page in your account and copy your personal URL. Then use it wherever you choose to get eyeballs. See Program FAQs below.

Copy Link to Your Branded Website

Even better, we have put together a brief infographic that speaks to using Clearview Elite to nurture your leads seamlessly. You’re invited to download the dynamic PDF as a reference point and easy link to resources.

View Infographic PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions. You have them. We have answers. Here’s a rundown of Timbers Kauai and a list of some of the frequently asked questions about the resort community, Broker Partnership Program and more.

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